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Real-time Ad analytics

Actionable insights

iOS 14 Ad Insights data

Making analytics easier for digital marketers

Empower your marketing efforts with AI-powered comprehensive Ad analytics to inform data-driven decisions. Know the story of your advertising activity and navigate between your most relevant insights

Explore Insights & Trends

Analyze how your Ads perform across multiple channels and platforms, then get actionable insights, analytics, and recommendations.

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Conversion funnels and actionable insights across channels

Analyze how your audience moves between ad funnel levels across channels, then get actionable insights to improve your ad performance. See how with a free trial of the Bilbi Analytics platform.

The Bilbi Analytics platform includes:


Bilbi Analytics empowers you to understand what works, what doesn’t, and how to drive more conversions on your Ads.


Use Bilbi Analytics to get clear answers without the heavy lifting.


Make sure your ads are getting seen by the most relevant audience.

Geo and Demographic

Analyze your Ad conversions, Geo Locations, and Demographic insights with a clear view of post-IOS 14 changes.

Ad creative insights

Analyze in real-time your creative ads across channels, then make sure you are investing in the right creatives.

Placement and Device

Get valuable attribution placement and device insights from data across your ad campaigns and channels.


See your audience segmentation across channels and campaigns.

Cross platforms insights

Evaluate how each channel contributes to your Ad converion goals.

Historic analytics and prediction

Understand historical and real-time trends and be ahead of changes.


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