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Facebook Ads

Bilbi is a social media ad campaign recommendation tool that helps small businesses make smarter decisions, faster.

Stop Guessing, Start Optimizing Your Facebook Ads

Maximize your budget and ROI with an
AI-driven recommendation engine.

1. Bilbi AI Analyzes
Your Campaigns

Sign up via Facebook and let Bilbi AI get to work analyzing your campaigns to understand how to bring the best results in the most cost-effective way.

2.  Receive Insights and Recommendations

In your Bilbi dashboard you'll receive recommendations about how to update targeting, bidding, creatives, and more.

3.  Make Campaign Updates

Update your campaigns based on Bilbi's recommendations to see conversions increase and cost decrease.

Get Daily Notifications

Bilbi stays connected to your campaigns 24/7 to make sure you never miss a valuable opportunity to improve your Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Recommendations can be accessed on your dashboard, but are also sent straight to your inbox.

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Make the Right Marketing Decisions and Accelerate Your Growth on Facebook

Get unlimited recommendations based on real-time data
and apply them into your campaigns.

Simplify Ad Targeting

Make sure your ads are getting seen by the most relevant audience, at the lowest cost by precisely changing your audience targeting, bidding strategy, and creatives.

Advanced Geo-Targeting

Refine your location-based targeting definitions to reach the most valuable locations and avoid the costly ones.

Creative Adjustments

Turn creatives on or off based on their performance to avoid overspending on ads that aren't performing as well.

Make Easy Marketing Decisions

Making the right adjustments on your marketing campaigns isn't easy. Bilbi AI constantly analyzes your campaigns and gives you specific suggestions that will improve performance.

Enjoy an AI-Powered Facebook Ad Strategy

A dynamic dashboard shows you what changes to make on your campaigns and tells you why that change is so important. With the option to opt-in for real-time updates, you can keep your ads relevant and successful 24/7.

Get Daily Alerts Straight to Your Inbox

Get campaign recommendations sent straight from your dashboard to your inbox every day.

Accelerate  growth with an AI-driven recommendation engine.

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