Performance Insights & Analytics for Performance Marketers

Analyze ad accounts and marketing campaigns and catch trends before they become negative results.

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How Does Bilbi Work

Bilbi gathers all your digital marketing data from different platforms and puts it all into a single AI-powered insights, analytics, and activation product.

The platform also tracks your performance, objectives and provides recommendations with notification alerts.

Get Alerts to increase positive trends and stop negative events.

It's like having another marketing manager that constantly keeps an eye on your ad accounts, stats, media spend, and other ad events, providing alerts when needed.

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Use AI to analyze performance and understated insights across platforms.

Analyze ad performance, dive into advanced insights, audiences personas, and complete your ad puzzle with missing data like geographic, demographic, placement and device, and much more.

Say Goodbye to manual reports, excel, and self data analytics.

No more manual reports and excel analytics - use Bilbi as a performance monitoring platform with advanced insights, reports, and analytics that will save you time and will make sense in your data.

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